• A Pan-European leader in clinical healthcare software is born, with leadership in Italy, Germany, Austria and France and over 3,500 employees
  • This is an important step for the European consolidation of the sector

Florence, May 4 2020 – The Dedalus Group, a leading European company, and one of the worldwide main ones, active in clinical healthcare information systems to support clinical professionals and organizations in order to improve their care quality level according to an economic and financial sustainability approach, announces that it has completed the acquisition of part of Agfa HealthCare (Agfa-Gevaert Group) IT business for the healthcare sector.
Ardian, which invested in Dedalus in 2016, will hold a stake of approximately 75% after the transaction.
The subject of the agreement is the acquisition of German, French, Austrian, Swiss and Brazilian activities related to clinical, diagnostic and hospital management software (HCIS) and related to IT imaging systems (PACS-RIS of radiology, cardiology, etc.) for a total enterprise value of € 975 million.
Dedalus, long-lasting leader in clinical healthcare software business in Italy and one of the leading players in Europe, with a unique industrial capacity in the sector, a deep knowledge of current processes and the ability to anticipate future needs thanks also to interaction, is now the largest company in the sector with 5,000 Hospitals, 5,000 laboratories and over 2 million professionals who treat hundreds of millions of patients every day.  The Group also promotes the consolidation of the business in Europe, positioning itself among the leading companies in the sector worldwide with a presence in over 30 countries worldwide, a leading position in Italy, Germany, Austria and France, and a total turnover of approximately 470 million euros achieved by over 3,500 professionals.

Giorgio Moretti, Chairman of Dedalus Holding, commented: “Today marks the end of a long path that Dedalus started in 2006, first consolidating the clinical-healthcare software sector in Italy, then in France and today at European level. I am really proud of Dedalus as an Italian company which has been able to promote the birth of what was indispensable for the European market: a champion in the sector able to compete globally. “I am proud also because we are closing such a relevant deal despite the difficult period we are living in due to health emergency and lockdown which did not stop us, thanks to the commitment of our management. Dedalus’s objective has always been to anticipate the evolution of medical science and all the correlated technologies, not only IT, in order to provide our clients with the best tools to improve the quality of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The target of our strategic thinking is always the patient. Our overall vision and global knowledge of healthcare systems will allow us to act as an aggregator with the sector in order to provide our clients with an even better service, both in Europe and, starting from today, also in Brazil. This important path has been made possible thanks to our financial and strategic partner Ardian who has been supporting us for years”.
“When we invested in Dedalus almost five years ago, we saw all the potential of this Italian excellence and the role it could and should play in the important consolidation process of the clinical healthcare software sector in Europe,” says Yann Chareton, Managing Director of Ardian Buyout. “Through this important acquisition, we have created a leading player in a sector which has never been so fundamental like today because it offers the most innovative and technologically advanced tools to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients within hospitals and medical facilities in general. We do believe in this growth project that is why we have decided to invest again in the company, reaching 75%”.